Our recruitment process ensures that companies hire quality talent for key positions. However, this challenge doesn’t end when a corporation makes a hire; it takes an ongoing process of search, consultation and planning to ensure firms have the executive team they need in times of growth, mergers and transition.PM Search Partners offers Talent Assessment services which provide reliability, confidentiality, and expert analysis.

Industry Environment Mapping

Companies routinely require up-to-date and accurate information about executives who can step in as leaders in times of transition or growth. Our search experts analyze the industry through our extensive person-to-person networks and databases and consult with clients so that they have a full understanding of available talent.

Merger & Acquisition Advisory

Executives and upper-level management changes are common during Mergers & Acquisitions. We help companies put plans in place for replacement and filling of key positions before these transactions occur to ensure continuity of essential expertise.


Firms that act strategically update their succession plans several times per year. Organizational change, normal attrition as well as sudden emergencies may leave sudden holes in the executive team that can worry key stakeholders and investors. Our partners consult with our clients and help them prepare for these eventualities with the long-term direction of the company in mind.