PM Search consults with organizations to find quality candidates to serve as top-level executives on corporate boards. We help our clients fulfill requirements of expertise, diversity and corporate governance regulations.

In the past, companies have been tempted to fill their Board positions with known individuals and associates to expedite decision-making at the expense of a diversity of knowledge, strategic depth and diversity. Today, organizations understand the need to have experts in complimentary areas to ensure an adequate skill set and avoid potential conflicts. Whether technical, financial, project, or operational experience a company will benefit from the diverse and independent expertise. We assist clients in finding those gaps in the Board to improve overall decision-making for the company.

PM Search Partners maps out the industry marketplace and commits to the in-depth research required to locate those with the right background. As with our Executive Search process, these assignments involve extensive and confidential consultations with our clients.

As the Board Consulting process moves forward, our experts compile a list of candidates who are not only a good fit for the company’s requirements in terms of knowledge, but who are also able to provide strategic advice to help the organization’s long-term prospects.